Invitation letter

Dear Colleagues,

It is a special honour and my exceptional pleasure to welcome you to the SED 2019 / Energy Democracy Summit, in the largest Istrian town of Pula, globally known for a great number of cultural and historical monuments and events.

SED 2019 covers all key aspects and complex issues related to the broader term of energy. The “energy democracy” concept itself, suggests the highest level of responsibility for the future of our planet, through energy policies, technological development, international and regional cooperation, and first of all, courage and vision of the breakthrough.

Already during the preparation process, SED 2019 positioned itself as the most complex gathering of energy sector in the wider region such as a unique platform for sharing the latest scientific knowledge and professional experiences. Workflow of SED 2019 is literally including all relevant energy sector stakeholders in Croatia; leaders of local companies and institutions that shape the industry, business leaders and the creators of energy policy, so as local and international experts in all of the energy sector fields.

Answers to questions crucial to our daily lives, more than 300 participants, during the three days gathering will hear from nearly 150 leading industry leaders from 13 countries around the world, participating in 21 panel. Active SED 2019 participants will also be prominent international journalists and editors who will discuss the important role of the media in the development of energy democracy.

Set of intriguing panels discusses different topics from all areas within the energy sector. Surely SED 2019 is the first and only gathering of such complexity in Croatia, whose content is strictly created “by experts - for experts”. Important thematic units comprise topics such as reform of the institutional framework in the energy sector, introduction of short-term measures in order to initiate economic growth or the revision of medium and long term measures in specific energy sub sectors. Next to the promotion of advanced energy networks and the digital society, particular attention of SED 2019 is devoted to energy democracy in the broadest sense of the term. Especially for the reason that energy transition significantly increases the number of active energy trading stakeholders.

Thank you once again for coming in Pula and for your participation in such intriguing discussions with whom you actively contributed to the success of the SED 2019.

I wish you a pleasant stay at the picturesque Verudela Peninsula, where the Park Plaza Histria hotel is located.

With respect,

Goran Granić, Ph.D.
President / SED 2019



• Goran Granić, EIHP


• Boris Abramović, HROTE
• Vladimir Andročec, HATZ
• Ivica Arar, PLINACRO
• Zoran Čogelja, HAZU
• Tomislav Dragičević, HNK SVNP • Sándor Fasimon, INA
• Alen Gospočić, MPPI
• Mario Gudelj, HOPS, HRO CIGRÉ • Tomislav Jureković, HERA
• Dragan Kovačević, JANAF
• Marijan Krpan, AZU
• Davor Majetić, HUP
• Dubravko Ponoš, FZOEU
• Dalibor Pudić, HSUP
• Tomislav Radoš, HGK
• Dean Smolar, HSZG
• Petar Sprčić, HEP
• Sabina Škrtić, ENNA, PPD
• Nikola Šulentić, HEP-ODS
• Domagoj Validžić, MZOE
• Pavao Vujnovac, ENNA, PPD


• Darko Alfirev, HEP
• Robert Bošnjak, PLINACRO
• Dubravka Brkić, HROTE
• Marina Burazer, INA
• Biserka Cimeša, HNK SVNP
• Neven Duić, HATZ
• Florijana Đedović, PLINACRO
• Zlatko Đurić, HAZU
• Božidar Filipović – Grčić, HRO CIGRE
• Branka Jelavić, EIHP
• Ivica Jujnović, MPPI
• Nada Kolega, HOPS
• Bruno Krčelić, ENNA, PPD
• Dorotea Lazanin Jelenc, ENNA, PPD
• Ninoslav Mandić, AZU
• Davor Matić, HSUP
• Sunčana Matić, FZOEU
• Ante Pavić, HEP-ODS
• Luka Pehar, HROTE
• Tomislav Plavšić, HOPS
• Miroslav Poljak, KONČAR – ELEKTROINDUSTRIJA • Maja Rajčić, FZOEU
• Gordana Sekulić, JANAF
• Marija Šćulac Domac, HGK
• Marija Šutina, HUP
• Ivica Toljan, CROPEX
• Goranka Tropčić Zekan, HSZG
• Martina Tuschl, AZU
• Vlasta Zanki, HSZG
• Zlatko Zmijarević, HERA
• Ivica Žigić, HEP
• Irena Dubravec, FZOEU


• Ministry of Environment and Energy
• Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning
• Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure
• Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency
• Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE)
• Croatian Employers’ Association
• Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar
• Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (EPEEF)
• Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency
• Croatian Energy Market Operator Ltd.
• Croatian Transmission System Operator Ltd.
• Croatian Power Exchange Ltd. (CROPEX)
• HEP Plc.
• HEP - Distribution System Operator Ltd. (HEP DSO)
• INA Plc.
• JANAF Plc.
• The Croatian National Committee of the World Oil and Gas Council
• International Council on Large Electric Systems - Croatian National Committee – CIGRÉ
• International Liaison Committee for Electricity Distribution - Croatian National Committee – CIRED
• Croatia Green Building Council
• Croatian Energy Association
• Croatian Gas Association
• Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts - Scientific Council for Crude Oil and Gas Economy and Power Supply
• Croatian Academy of Engineering – Department of Power Systems


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